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Discover Dynamic Medical Imaging’s Digital Motion X-Ray – the latest, revolutionary technology and radiological procedure to help patients, doctors and attorneys – especially those patients involved in a cervical spine trauma (whiplash). The DMX procedure is ordered for the purpose of assessing cervical spinal ligament damage and can only be performed by specifically trained, board certified staff.

As a premier diagnostic tool, DMX – an advanced spinal motion x-ray (video-fluoroscopy) allows doctors to evaluate for:

  • Subluxations

  • Cervical Ligament Injuries

  • Loss of Motion Segment Integrity

  • Whiplash Injuries

Digital Motion X-Ray has enormous benefits:

  • The “Pulsed-X-Ray” System produces 27-30 x-rays per second, providing the most detailed evaluation of cervical spinal ligament injuries.

  • A highly specific pulsed x-ray is taken on the patient while in motion and recorded in real time, as a video on a DVD.

  • No radiation exposure concerns.

  • Knowledge of the precise location and severity of an injury enables the doctor to set more appropriate and effective treatment plans in both the active and passive phases of care.

  • When properly documented, DMX is reimbursable by insurance.

Discover the true and sometimes hidden cause of pain with DMX. Whether you are a patient in pain, doctor providing care or an attorney representing your client… get the whole “motion” picture, get Digital Motion X-Ray.


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