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Standard X-Rays, Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX), and Tomosynthesis

At Dynamic Medical Imaging-DMI, Inc., we offer Standard X-Rays, Digital Motion X-Rays (DMX), and Tomosynthesis services. 

A Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) is a revolutionary imaging system that produces the highest quality motion images with less radiation than traditional x-rays. A visualization tool that records the injury in motion and in real time, to help accurately diagnose and effectively treat and/or manage injuries or abnormalities, as well as assisting with medical reimbursement or compensation. DMX can often pinpoint the location and extent of injuries, which may have been previously undetected.

DMX offers a multitude of benefits for both the patient and the physician, including documenting abnormal findings throughout the body. In general, pain occurs with motion. Therefore, by having the ability to scan in motion – unlike static x-rays, often benefit joints of the body. This is an extremely powerful tool for those who have sustained an injury involving the neck (whiplash), a concussion or chronic pain/discomfort or spinal/joint instability (head, back or extremities) in which the cause has not been identified.

Looking for an excellent assessment after an accident? Suffering with unexplained chronic pain – especially when you move your neck or spine? Want to help avoid future injuries by identifying joint abnormalities? Why settle for a snapshot – when you can see the whole movie?

Nanox.ARC is a stationary X-ray system intended to produce tomographic images of the human musculoskeletal system adjunctive to conventional radiography on adult patients. Representing a major advancement in X-ray technology, Nanox.ARC is a multi-source digital 3D tomosynthesis system.


Why Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX)?

By capturing a series of X-ray images in rapid succession, DMX creates a detailed and comprehensive representation of joint articulation, spinal dynamics, and musculoskeletal biomechanics. This innovative imaging modality provides invaluable insights into the underlying causes of pain, injuries, and movement disorders. Through DMX, healthcare providers can accurately diagnose conditions, tailor treatment plans, and monitor therapeutic progress with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

There are no special preparations required before this procedure. Prior to the x-ray, you’ll have to remove jewelry, eyeglasses or any other metal objects that may obscure the image. You may also be asked to change into a medical gown. Notify your doctor and x-ray technician if you are pregnant prior to receiving an x-ray.

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