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Eliza Delafuentechavez

Eliza Delafuentechavez, a healthcare leader, joined Steven P. Brownstein, MD and his team in 1997. Her focus it to provide an outstanding patient experience by optimizing the quality of services in an efficient and stress-free environment. As a liaison between the patient and radiologist or technician, as well as between the patient and insurance company, Eliza is a wealth of knowledge. She understands the complexities of health insurance and billing, the need for flexible appointments and timely reports, calls and correspondence.

Eliza effectively works with Primary Care Physicians, Pain Management Doctors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Board-Certified Radiologists, Chiropractic Physicians and Physical Therapists. Referring healthcare providers describe Eliza as their “go-to” person. Her hands-on approach, quick response and compassionate nature, offer the peace of mind and security – difficult, if not impossible to find anywhere else.

By integrating her vast market knowledge, financial expertise and operational savvy, she develops strategies to not only reach, but exceed the business goals of Dynamic Medical Imaging. Eliza successfully navigates through existing challenges and gains insight into the everchanging healthcare arena and current events faced by all.

The ethics and principles that are ingrained within Eliza, are utilized in the training programs of her staff to ensure a compassionate, stellar experience for each patient.

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