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6 Tips to Stay Calm and Comfortable During Your MRI Scan

Receiving an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan can be a challenging experience, especially if you're claustrophobic or apprehensive. Fortunately, there are strategies to help you relax before and during your MRI:

1. Communicate with the MRI Technologist: It's vital to let the MRI technologist know about any concerns or fears you may have. Their experience and support can make the process less intimidating.

Feedback from DMI Patients:

"Wonderful service, wonderful people, very calming. Absolutely love them." - Jayne K.

"From entering the office and signing in, to meeting the Tech prior to the MRI, going through the MRI with her keeping me informed on what is happening and what will happen to always making sure I was comfortable - very, very nice experience. Again, wonderful Tech!" - Erwin H.

"If you are claustrophobic and scared, this is your place. They have a lot of patience with people. The front desk staff was very professional, and the MRI Technician was excellent. I had a wonderful day with both MRIs." - Tracey L.

2. Bring a Supportive Companion: Consider having a trusted friend or family member accompany you to provide comfort and support during the procedure.

3. Practice Deep Breathing: Employ relaxation techniques like deep breathing. Inhale through your nose for a count of four, hold for a count of four, and exhale for a count of four to help calm your nerves.

4. Visualization: Visualization is another effective relaxation technique. Imagine yourself in a tranquil environment, like a serene beach or a calming forest. Focus on positive thoughts to ease your anxiety.

5. Dress Comfortably: Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing without any metal components to ensure a more pleasant experience.

6. Choose an Upright MRI at Dynamic Medical Imaging: Opt for an Upright MRI available at Dynamic Medical Imaging. With this option, you can sit or stand during the scan and even enjoy watching TV, enhancing your comfort during the procedure. This is particularly valuable for individuals who find traditional MRI machines, with their tight and enclosed cylinder design, discomforting.

Feedback from DMI Patients:

"Absolutely professional, considerate, and compassionate customer-driven service from front desk Ann Marie and to the technician Tanya. Recommend this facility for the staff especially and only stand-up open MRI that we find in NJ." - Jeanette D.

"The staff at Dynamic Medical Imaging is very professional and efficient. The MRI Technician was excellent, very compassionate and professional. Any fear of having an MRI was dispelled. Every step of the process was explained to me. An Open MRI is good for anyone that has a fear of being closed in. I will come here in the future should I need to take an MRI." - Bryant O.

These tips, along with the option of an Upright MRI, can help you stay calm and comfortable during your MRI scan. Remember, the goal of an MRI is to provide essential diagnostic information, and these strategies are designed to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

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