Client Testimonials

  • Extremely Comfortable, 7/6/2021

    “I recommend Dynamic Medical Imaging. I felt very comfortable from the front desk to the technician. They made me feel extremely comfortable - explaining the entire process to me while calming my nerves.”

  • Not Scary, 7/2/2021

    The open MRI makes all the difference - not scary! Everyone at Dynamic Medical Imaging is professional. I had a great overall experience.”

  • Calmed My Nerves, 7/1/2021

    “The Technician was very patient and kind. She calmed my nerves, reassured me that everything was okay and spoke to me the entire time I was in the MRI machine.”

  • Very Friendly, 7/1/2021

    “This place is very clean and neat. The Technician was very polite and accommodating - very friendly.”

  • Positive Experience, 6/29/2021

    “The service at the front desk was professional. The MRI Technician was empathic, kind cheerful and knowledgeable. I had a positive experience.”

  • Wonderful Experience, 6/29/2021

    The staff at DMI are wonderful. They are friendly and I felt most comfortable during my MRI.”

  • Awesome, 6/26/2021

    The people who work at this location make you feel right at home. They are very friendly and fun to be around. I had a great experience - awesome.”

Dynamic Medical Imaging, LLC

John Amet

CEO - Founder

Experienced Professionals

Our staff consists of experienced professionals, including board certified radiologists to interpret your test results. Our team of specialists and technicians will ensure that your tests are carried out with utmost care and precision.

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Dynamic Medical Imaging, LLC

Maria Allen

Sales - Director

Advanced Technology

The DMI facility contains the latest, most advanced medical imaging technology available, designed to provide you and your physicians with the most accurate results. We offer a full range of tests. We also have ultrasound, and digital x-rays.

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Our Services

Dynamic Medical Imaging, LLC

Upright MRI

People dread MRI tests because of the claustrophobic nature of the chamber. See why, thanks to the latest medical technology, DMI can offer comfortable, upright MRIs for every patient.

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Dynamic Medical Imaging, LLC


3D MRI Rendering is the creation of a 3 dimensional digital model from standardized MRI study.

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Dynamic Medical Imaging, LLC


An X-ray is the oldest, most common method of medical imaging in use today. X-rays use high energy electromagnetic radiation to create an image of the inside of the body.

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Dynamic Medical Imaging, LLC


An ultrasound, or Diagnostic Medical Sonography, is a type of imaging that uses high frequency sound waves to create a picture of the internal organs.

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