No More MRI Claustrophobia!

MRIs save lives, with over 36 million done in the US in 2017. Every day, hundreds of thousands of patients have an MRI scan – however, too many of them stop the scan, and get out due to a claustrophobic attack. Claustrophobia is characterized by a fear of being in a dark or confined space. Reactions vary from mild to severe, and symptoms may include:

Dynamic Medical Imaging, LLC

  • Elevated Pulse/Blood Pressure
  • Sweating
  • Fear of Losing Control
  • Panic/Anxiety
  • Fainting/Hyperventilating


According to studies:

  • In the US, up to 5% of the population suffers from some form of claustrophobia.
  • As many as one in six patients experience claustrophobia during an MRI – unable to complete the scan.

DMI’s Upright MRI… Ideal for Claustrophobic Patients

Claustrophobic, PTSD, or pediatric patients who are concerned or fear the idea of having an MRI, breathe a sigh of relief with DMI’s Upright MRI. They have more room, are less confined and best of all… it’s OPEN, unlike a conventional, recumbent tunnel-shaped MRI.

At DMI, the moment you walk in, you are embraced with a tranquil environment and compassionate staff to help make your MRI experience stress-free. As a patient-friendly imaging center, we can assist you throughout the MRI process. We understand your concerns and will be with you every step of the way. You have a choice – why lie down in a narrow space, unable to move, inside a chamber, often with loud clicking sounds for up to 90 minutes? Reap the diagnostic advantages of our MRI, without all the anxiety.

  • DMI’s Upright scanner allows you to walk-in and either sit or stand comfortably, in various weight-bearing positions or positions of pain, and watch television. Nothing is in front of you!
  • The gap or opening at the front removes the risk of feeling claustrophobic.


Come to Dynamic Medical Imaging, in Union, NJ. Discover why doctors refer their patients to us, and why patients come back when they need additional imaging. It is so gratifying when doctors and their families come to DMI for an Upright MRI – that really says it all. You have a choice, choose Dynamic Medical Imaging, and say goodbye to MRI Claustrophobia.

If you would like additional information regarding Dynamic Medical Imaging, the leading experts in personal injury imaging, please call 908-687-2552 or visit DMI accepts most major health insurance.

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