Experiencing Shoulder Pain? DMI’s Upright MRI Helps Reveal the Cause… In Comfort!

Dynamic Medical Imaging, LLCThe shoulders, an incredible ball and socket joint system, allow us to do many things, from the moment we wake up – often with little to no thought. We use our shoulders to stretch, reach for the toothpaste and brush our teeth, pour milk into a bowl of cereal, put on a shirt and close a car door. They allow us to reach, throw, twist, lift and carry.

Due to the many functions that shoulders provide, it is not surprising that they can become injured. In fact, the World Health Organization reports that shoulder pain affects 9% of adults in the US.

Shoulder pain may prevent you from sleeping, completing work-related responsibilities, enjoying hobbies, and/or daily activities. Symptoms may include various levels of pain, as well as numbness/tingling down the arm, or a popping/grinding sound may be heard.

If you have been involved in an accident (sports, work, auto or slip-and-fall) or experiencing some of the symptoms listed above, please speak with your doctor regarding an evaluation to determine whether care is necessitated. It is vital for your doctor to know if you are unable to raise or use your arm, there is any swelling, redness or warmth near the joint, fever develops or pain that continues for more than a few days.

There are many causes or factors that contribute to shoulder pain. Finding relief usually begins with detecting the cause – a diagnosis, often made with imaging tests. After reviewing a patient’s health history and symptoms, an MRI – a non-invasive, radiation-free diagnostic tool, may be prescribed to see the bones and soft tissues of the body. An MRI also helps diagnose unexplained pain, vital to treatment options.

Dynamic Medical Imaging offers an Upright MRI, the only Upright MRI in the area. Our open, “non-claustrophobic”, Upright MRI allows patients to sit or stand and watch television during the exam. Patients can be scanned in their positions of pain or symptoms, and body organs and tissues can be viewed in their normal position of function – upright. Diagnostic benefits of an Upright MRI include the ability to see more pathology than with recumbent, lying down scanners.

Dynamic Medical Imaging, leading experts in personal injury imaging, offers 3D MRI Rendering – the creation of a 3 dimensional digital model from standardized MRI study. This is accomplished by using the latest technology to ‘stack’ the highly detailed, thin, slice cross-sectional images from the MRI to generate the 3D model. Higher resolution, crisp images, additional angles, and details provide vital information for treatment.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call Dynamic Medical Imaging at 908-687-2552 or visit www.DynamicMedicalImaging.com. DMI accepts most major health insurance.

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