6 Benefits of DMI’s Upright MRI

Dynamic Medical Imaging, LLCImagine walking into a tranquil environment, filled with compassionate people, who strive to provide stellar care. As you walk in, you take a deep breath – a sigh of relief, knowing you came to the right place to have diagnostic testing, testing that is stress-free and accurate, and for many – enjoyable.

Many physicians refer their patients, and many patients refer their family members, friends, and co-workers to Dynamic Medical Imaging for an Upright MRI, in Union, NJ. The reason is simple, they feel as if they are walking into their family room to sit down and watch tv, with the added bonus of having an MRI.

DMI’s Upright MRI offers a multitude of benefits:

1. Multiple Positions: Unlike conventional Lie-Down MRIs, DMI’s Upright MRI allows patients to sit, stand or lay down during the diagnostic test.

2. Relaxing: For those patients who are claustrophobic, our Upright MRI helps eliminate the feeling of being “closed-in”. Just relax – an open area, in an upright position and watch television.

3. Patient-Friendly Comfort: An MRI should be comfortable for everyone, from young children to those in their golden years. In fact, parents are able to stay in the room with their child for added assurance.

4. One Size May Not Fit All: DMI’s Upright MRI routinely accommodates patients up to 500 pounds, avoiding the cramped feeling of a conventional Lie-Down MRI.

5. Position: Patients can be scanned in their positions of pain or symptoms. Additionally, body organs and tissues can be viewed in their normal position of function – upright.

6. Exceptional Quality: Advanced software capabilities and a full range of whole body applications generate high resolution imaging, to achieve diagnostic precision.

Dynamic Medical Imaging offers state-of-the-art, top quality equipment, along with board-certified radiologists, compassionate team members and flexible appointments to provide the wonderful experience every patient deserves.

To learn more, schedule an MRI or to schedule a walkthrough before your MRI, please call 908-687-2552 or visit www.DynamicMedicalImaging.com. DMI accepts most major health insurance.

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