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  • My #1 Place, 4/15/2021

    “The front desk personnel went above and beyond to help me. The MRI Technician is just a pleasure and is very professional and friendly – always tries to make sure I am comfortable. I have been to many imaging places and this is my #1. I drive all the way from Bloomfield to come here. You should come to Dynamic because they are so professional and lovely that you forget you are having a test.

    Patricia Manning

  • True Professional, 4/15/2021

    “On my way over to DMI, I began the typical symptoms of anxiety that make a person who suffers from claustrophobia while inside the MRI machine. Because of a ‘true professional’ who did everything to make me feel comfortable, I was able to complete the shoulder and neck imaging without any problems of increased anxiety!! The front desk staff were also great – nice, pleasant, professional and courteous.”

    Francis M. Green

  • Patient-Friendly Machine, 4/14/2021

    “I would definitely recommend Dynamic Medical Imaging for an MRI. I was unable to finish my MRI test with the traditional open MRI due to my anxiety. This machine is patient-friendly. I was able to watch TV during my test and this helped tremendously. Doreen, the technician explained every step of the test and checked on me throughout the exam, which helped a lot. I was in and out within an hour – very good for someone like me who is very anxious. The girls in the front – some of them include Eliza and April, helped me make the appointment and were very nice.”

    Georgia Torres

  • Excellent Service, 4/13/2021

    “DMI is a beautiful facility located in Union, NJ. They provide excellent service and they do care about their clients. Doreen, the MRI technician really made a difference – thanks. She was extremely kind and helpful. I suffer from claustrophobia and this is the first time I got an MRI without anesthesia. Highly recommended.”

    Ana Rivera

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