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  • Great Experience, 4/20/2021

    “I’m very claustrophobic, so naturally I dreaded coming in today to do my MRI. But I was lucky to have Tanya, as my MRI Technician! She explained everything calmly and thoroughly, answered all my questions and was very understanding, calm and empathetic. Thanks to Tanya, I was able to get through the test. Thank you, Tanya for the great experience!”

    Irina Kitaigorodsky

  • Stress-Free, 4/20/21

    “I normally am very anxious in a conventional MRI machine. Sitting up, being able to watch TV made this totally stress-free – no anxiety! Staff was excellent.”

    Richard Hallquist

  • Very Patient, 4/18/2021

    “I had a good experience at Dynamic Medical Imaging. They were very patient with my claustrophobia and I had a more comfortable MRI.”

    Jacqueline DeLaRosa

  • Sparkling Clean, 4/15/2021

    “First impression is a lasting impression. The office is sparkling clean. Their position is they value your time. Courtesy in treating patients with respect and confidence to make you relaxed. The technician was sensitive to my nervousness and took the time to wait until I was comfortable to start. She walked me through and talked to me from concept to completion. My overall experience was exceptional, especially due to the fact that I am so claustrophobic. Very conscious of CDC protocol.”

    Kim E. Joseph

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