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  • Comfortable, 4/10/2021

    “I have anxiety and get very nervous when in close spaces. Doreen, the Technician was amazing. She took her time with me and did not rush me. She talked to me and made me feel very comfortable. She also helped me by taking small breaks in between to make me feel comfortable and less anxious. If you have the same as me, this is definitely the place to come for MRIs.”

    Franchesca Balbauna-Fuelman

  • Super Helpful, 4/10/2021

    “The Front Desk Staff was very cordial. The MRI Technician was super helpful and patient. I am claustrophobic and Doreen (Technician) made sure I was comfortable and relaxed.

    Rosa Santona

  • Highly Recommend, 4/9/2021

    “The MRI technician was wonderful. She completely calmed my high anxiety. She was very friendly, kind and helps you all the way through. I highly recommend… definitely coming back.”

    Giovanna Grasso

  • Caring Staff, 4/8/2021

    If you are claustrophobic, this is the place to come. My overall experience was EXCELLENT.”

    Eileen Major

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